Our mission is to find the worlds most unique and interesting toys, tech and games on the planet. Our family has a long history of interest in unique toys so establishing the killer.toys outlet was a great way to engage other toy enthusiasts.

How did we choose our Killer Domain Name?

It wasn’t easy, but we gravitated towards something really ‘awesome’ and got stuck on the word ‘Killer’. It’s something that both my son and I can relate with and crosses generations. For example if something is really really good…it’s ‘Killer!!’.

Killer.toys is born and we pretty much post anything that lives up to the word or basically is just something that is cool. It’s also progressively fits in with the direction the online market is heading by involving a new domain extension. All things toys are in .toys but this website is going to focus on really cool toys!

Games and Toys help bring family together!

Not everyone has a family, but if you do then you’ll understand how important it is to do fun things together.  Our love for board games and RC copters is all about that so don’t be surprised if you don’t see more focus on stuff family can to together.

If you don’t have someone to hang out to play games with that is cool too. We offer tons of fun stuff to do on your own or hey..maybe you meet someone that likes the things you do!