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What’s cool about the PlayStation 5 and why we hate scalpers.

Yes, it’s super frustrating that PS5’s haven’t hit the market and made available to everyone wanting the new tech. These upgrades are so worth it for a backwards compatible device that will bring faster program loading compared with your older devices.

Scalpers should really rethink their values.

Don’t scalpers have a soul? During the holidays it seems money grubbing Scrooges are depriving kids of their dreams for the latest in entertainment devices. So you have the ability to score a half dozen systems but choose to try and unload them at 2 to 3 times the real value. It’s really not cool and hopefully charms serves you by a huge flood of ps5s on the market where you can’t sell your systems but for below actual value.

Where to Buy PS5 gaming?

Big outlets are going to include Best Buy, Amazon, Walmart, GameStop and Target who have the pull to get these out for sale. We’ve been searching the internet for any site that has the inside scope on what big box store has received shipments. Keep searching my friends and post a link here in our comments if you get any inside scoop! Our readers would like to know.

Whats new about the PS5 Hardware?

You can expect inside that sleek white box to get an 8 core./16 thread x86-64-AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU including an AMD Radeon RDNA 2-based graphics engine with Ray Tracing Accelaration. Memory includes GDDR6 16GB and an SSD drive that sports 825 GB memory capacity. Totally recommend getting the non-digital version with the Ultra HD Blu-ray, up to 100 GB per disc.

Consider upgrading your TV to a nice 4K flat panel because video out on this baby supports 4K resolution at 120hz and even works on 8K TVs if you can believe it. Don’t go crazy though and having 4K would be an awesome image if you can do it.

Ok! So you’re lucky enough to find a PS5!

It’s time to trick it out a little if you want and can help you with this part. We sell a variety of accessories to protect your controllers and apply wicked looking skins to your device. Search our PS5 section to find all that we offer to buy at reasonable costs

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